is a Czech painter, living and working in Finland.

” I’m interested in topics that are surprising, new and undiscovered to me. Triggers for creation are new situations and places. The moment of interest leading to passion of research and dive deep into the places, stories and myths. Knowledges and inspiration, which I get from insiders and residents, leads to creative transformation of the information to an artwork. Mostly, I work in visual art medium, mine most loved technique is a painting. I am inspired by local possibilities, styles, techniques and materials, which I involve into the creative process in a new way and meaning. I am amazed by the idea of ​​a new opportunity of expression and by finding new impulses. I understand art  as a communication platform of our cosmopolitan society, making possible to connect our hearts regardless of our nationality, religion and habits. Art is for me a way, how to feel alive and how to bring inspiration and discussion for audience. My work reflects aspects of everyday life, cultural believes, anxiety, aesthetic and social decisions.”