January 2015 – widow of Finnish artist  Reino Hietanen donated Hietanens unfinished canvases to Lahden Taideinstituutti as a material for students. Seeing Hietanens works deeply affected me. I was searching informations about Hietanen and his oeuvre. My subsequent work on the paintings caused a deep interest to the Hietanen’s art, and there started the whole idea to continue those canvases and finished them on my own way. I added abstract subjects into the canvases and worked with media used by Hietanen. I was surprised, how much our works had in common. In my work I am trying to reflect aspects of everyday life, cultural convictions, concerns, aesthetic and social decisions. In Hietanen‘s works were often appearing still-life with the common daily used things as tables or bed sheets inspired by neighbourhood, blue paintings influenced by living near the lake. Subjects Hietanen abstracted into geometrical forms and made a viewer unsure about the meaning of work. I found very impressive and self-developing his way of using different mediums mixed among each other and rising tension coming out from those paintings. I was working on Hietanen‘s canvases by searching and studying his work with a respect to him and his art. By this serie I would like to tribute his lifelong work. The unfinished works of deceased painter became a new art of young artist. Circle of nature.